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Talking Activities
  • Give your toddler toys or puppets and encourage him to have conversations with them. Kids are creative and imaginative – once you show them the way, they will take over. You can also use puppets to have simple conversations with your child. Put on a puppet show to make playtime more enjoyable.
  • Draw the letters of the alphabet on cardboard and hand it to your child. Next, give him pictures of objects and ask him to identify them. Then, ask him to match the picture with the starting letter of the object. This way, he will use phonetics to match the letters to the object, thus building his ability to spell correctly.
  • If your toddler is over two years of age, you can create a simple obstacle course around the house. Give your child one instruction at a time so that he doesn’t get confused. Give him some time to complete the activity. You can also write out instructions on paper and place them around the house.