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What About Series Books?

What if my child wants to read series books only?

Children can often become attached to the familiar characters, structure and style of a book series or favorite author. This is typical at this age. Series books are introducing patterns in books such as plot, characterization and textual language. As your child devours these familiar stories, he is on his way to gaining confidence in his ability to read independently, with speed and accuracy.

Educators call this skill "reading fluency." Fluency frees the reader to focus on the meaning of the text rather than mechanics like decoding words. Chapter books and series novels are a good way for young readers to practice and increase their reading fluency. When your child reads a book with familiar characters and plot development, he can spend more energy strengthening his reading skills and deepening his comprehension.

Your child will be well prepared for the shift to reading to learn as she branches out from series novels to information books. Nonfiction reading has great appeal to children at this age who are curious about the world and eager to apply their new reading skills to learn about a variety of topics.

Find as many ways as you can to connect your child's interests to reading. The main goal in introducing information materials to children this year is to show how reading is connected to life and learning. Encourage your child to read a broad range of books (standalone books, books that stretch the imagination, non-fiction, fantasy).