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Reading Activities
  • Engage your child in activities that include rhyming and alliteration. Using nursery rhymes or rhyming picture books, silly rhyming games will help your child learn about alphabetic knowledge, letter sounds and rhythm important for future reading skills.
  • Play games using the alphabet; ask your child to find letters in books, magazines, newspapers and other print. Teach your child the traditional alphabet song and learn new ones such as singing it fast or slow, or in a different style such as opera or rap. You also can help your child write his or her name and other familiar words with magnetic letters or with crayons and paper. Help your child learn to recognize her name in print. Encourage them to write their name and display it in special places in your home.
  • Preschoolers will often pretend to read familiar books. Encourage your preschooler book skills by holding a book properly, turning the pages correctly, looking for the title, author and illustrator of the book as well as the beginning and an end of the story. Have your child point to words on the page of a picture book while you read. Point out print everywhere in your child's environment. Young children understand that print is all around them and they will see print in a variety of ways including directions, lists, menus as well as in books.