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Fluent Easy Readers

Fluent Easy Readers contain more complex ideas, extended episodes and action and more advanced vocabulary. Many of the fluent titles are part of a series, which means children can enjoy a favorite character over and over in different books.

Children at the fluent reading level will:
  • Be able to decode longer, multi-syllabic words
  • Read chapter books and comprehend most or all of the story
  • Ask the meaning of an unknown word and usually remember it for future use
  • Read aloud expressively and smoothly, using punctuation and sounding like they are speaking

Activities to do at home:
  • Use a picture to tell a story. Print a family picture and have your child tell, write or draw a story about what is happening in the picture. Your child will be using basic storytelling skills, predicting, inferencing, and creativity to write this story.
  • Act out a well-loved story. Have your child pick a favorite story and act out the story, reciting favorite lines or funny parts.
  • Provide your child with a wide range of text types including informational or non-fiction books. This will enhance and develop your child’s reading skills as he/she encounters more difficult words, descriptions and reading materials.
  • Ask children to make their own storybook with their own words and illustrations. Get creative! Have your child use the computer or pencil, paper, markers etc. It can be a personal story that relates to them, made up story, or a story retold by your child.

Books at the fluent level are identified with a blue label on the spine. Many of the fluent books also have red dot stickers, indicating they are chapter books, which is an important milestone for many fluent readers.