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Talking Activities
  • Smile often as your baby coos or gurgles. This will encourage your baby's coos, growls, and gurgles as a way of communicating with you and an important first step toward speech and language development. Encourage attempts to mimic you. The more your baby practices making sounds, the clearer they will become. Imitate your baby's laughter and facial expressions. Support and strengthen communication skills by smiling and mirroring facial expressions.
  • Talk with your baby all day long. Describe the weather or which bananas you are choosing at the grocery. Talk about the pictures in a book or things you see on a walk. This will encourage vocabulary and help your baby learn new ideas and how language works.
  • Engage your baby in listening skills by talking often to them throughout the day, describing your activities together. Talk as you're feeding, dressing, carrying and bathing your baby, so they begin to associate vocabulary with everyday objects and activities.