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Counting Activities
  • Use basic math technology when speaking to your baby such as measurement words such as big and little or sequencing words that provide order. Talk to your baby about using math concepts, “I see a big ball,” or “Look at that little dog,” or even “We are going to grandma’s after naptime.” Math concept conversations will help babies become more observant, learn oral language skills and give new meaning to the world around them.
  • Even without our support, infants and toddlers use math concepts to make sense of their world. Babies tell us that they know the difference between familiar and unfamiliar adults (sorting and classifying). Babies can use great math skills such as indicating more food or a drink. Toddlers try to climb into boxes or bins of various sizes (spatial relationships) and say words and phrases from familiar stories or songs that use repetition (patterns). All of these concepts promote math skills later in life.
  • Building with blocks is a great way to introduce math concepts to your baby. Your baby might enjoy watching you make a tower. Count the blocks. Talk about height/weight, colors and shapes of the blocks. Babies love to hold, play and explore new things. Try different types of blocks to make the learning more unique.