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Counting Activities
  • Math activities are simple for infants. Point out naturally occurring math scenarios such as counting, sorting, stacking, hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. “The windows of our house are square.” “The Cheerios are circles.” “You are stacking the blocks very high, let’s count the blocks.” These conversations promote math skills as observation, language, and cognitive skills.
  • Take to your baby about the sequence of events in your routine. “First, we will put on our shoes, and then we will go outside.” Sequencing promotes the daily routine, but helps baby put things in order, which is a great math skill and used for reading in later years.
  • Babies can begin to learn how to sort different items at a very young age. Use clean up time or household items as a starting point. “Let’s put all of the cars in the box.” “I’m going to put all the red blocks in the box first.”